Trust us and let us advise you so together we can reach success trough our bakery franchise, and in return we will provide you with a series of advantages.

Why us?

The first integral bakery franchise concept.

Products of the highest quality, completely exclusive as we are the only producers.

Selection and training of the staff, for it, out HR department will find the best profile according to the franchise demands.

In case you have a store in property we will advise you if it is them most suitable for the success of our bakery franchise and its approbation.

Being the only ones who have their own commercial and logistics network, present on the majority of the national territory.

The franchise bakery establishments with the most elegant and modern image.

From the moment you join the PANNUS® network you will not have to worry at all about any procedures, our team of experts will take care of it for you.

Our execution and coordination teams will work for you to have your business up and running within the stipulated time.

Customized fiscal and laboral advisory for all our franchisees.

Our technicians and engineers will take care of all procedures and commissioning in accordance with compliance with established legal regulations.

Insurance group to all our franchisees, so that they have the best and most appropriate insurance company.

The support and constant development and specialization of PANNUS®.

From the first contact the best management team gets to work for you.

Always close to you

Join the pannus family

Pannus está siempre cerca, con locales en los principales centros urbanos

How are our franchises?

  • Our franchises are exclusively adapted to three modalities:
    a) without tasting
    b) with tasting
    c) In shopping centers in retail plant
  • With a minimum investment of 60,000 euros you can have your franchise

What premises do we need for our franchises?

  • Minimum of 50 meters with terrace option for mode A and C
  • Minimum of 100 meters for mode B
  • Streets with high foot traffic

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