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History from 1957

Pannus, born from the Baker tradition that dates back to 1957, the partners that make up the Pannus family, are all linked to the world of flour, and the manufacture of bread and pastries, which their ancestors began .

Conoce la historia de la cadena de Franquicias de Panaderías Pannus
Our Experience

Following the experience they inherited, they developed the initiative, based on the knowledge of the sector, to enter the world of franchising, studied the needs and developments of the sector very well.

The birth

They first turned to create the Pannus brand, a brand that should make a difference in bakery establishments, should be distinguished in quality, service, and respect for the environment. And at the same time they had to be managed in a professional manner and in accordance with the requirements, provided by the new technology.

Conocé cómo se transformó Pannus en la Franquicia de Panaderías referente en España
The brand

All this led the brand to become a recognized brand in the national market, with bakery establishments and tasting, subsequently the needs of the market, increasingly demanding and with a wider demand, as a result of which more and more travels and gastronomic knowledge is expanding.

The business

Especially in young people, we realized that we should give our business a twist, thinking about a future of international expansion, so much so that, we developed the Pannus Café brand initiative, precisely thought of such expansion, and designed the establishments and their management, with the implementation in Barcelona of the first flagship stores, and that had to be the showcase to the international leap.

The success

The success was resounding and expected in this new project, with a model more focused on the hospitality industry and the fast quality restaurant service, so much so that in 2019 we are located in the most emblematic sites and accompanied by the best international brands, making the international leap with openings in London, in the food travel sector with a presence in the international airport of Barcelona and the presence in the AVE.

Our policy of great human value, together with professionalism, make that every day, with a lot of effort, our history grows bigger day by day.

Pannus está siempre cerca, con locales en los principales centros urbanos


Our Journey

Since 1957, we have made improvements every day in the Bakery sector, our handmade origins mixed with professionalism, craftsmanship and extensive experience, have achieved a solid business group.

Our expansion work is very defined, under our policy of quality over quantity, the brand opted for its own positioning with flagship stores that have brought much closer to the final customer, both the neighborhood customer of the day and the tourist.

This allows international leaps such as food travel positioning, with presence in airports and railway stations.

  1. 1957 - First family artisans

  2. 1991 - Development of bakeries and pastries factory

  3. 1999 - New production plant

  4. 2009 - Development of new bakeries

  5. 2012 - Start of franchise

  6. 2013 - New openings and production plants

  7. 2016 - Flashgip store Barcelona

  8. 2018 / 2019 - Aperture of stores at Barcelona - El Prat Airport

  9. 2019 - Flashgip London

  10. 2019 - TGV / AVE Openings in Barcelona - Madrid

Always there
Our values

Pannus is an honest, professional and committed company. We are characterized by the quality of our products and services, as well as an inexhaustible capacity for innovation. We are a reliable, close and flexible company.

like a family
Every Store Matters

Pannus brand has its own establishments and others that are owned by entrepreneurs who have wanted to carry out their own business project. We are joined by a way of doing and acting that responds to values in which we firmly believe.

The entrepreneurs that make up the Pannus family share a successful business based on a common know-how that is, at the same time, the best guarantee for the consumer.

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Bakery Café

ISO 9001, IFS y BRC

Quality Certificates

A solidarity action

Antonio Orozco and Pannus

The company is committed to social values such as the return to the labor sector of people with certain difficulties, as well as the environmental commitment in all areas of sustainability and environmental care.

A responsible company

A company must be responsible for principles. However, it should also be for your own commercial interest. 90% of consumers believe that brands must be socially and environmentally responsible. In addition, this same investigation ensures that 84% of buyers prefer to choose responsible products as long as possible.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become an increasingly prominent issue for the consumer, our customer of which we have to take car every day, together with our brand identity should make you feel good, not only with the act of buying product quality but also Where you buy a social act.

That is why we present the VALIENTE project with ANTONIO OROZCO.

Conocé el proyecto Valiente de Antonio Orozco que cuenta con el apoyo de Pannus Cafe
Pannus café y la campaña Ángeles de la Guarda que ayuda al crecimiento de los más chicos
Guardian Angels

A project that we call “case managers”, but that the singer, hearing what the role of this type of people we need to hire, called them “Guardian Angels.” They are really multidisciplinary specialists who support and guide mothers and fathers in the steps to be taken to make their child’s daily life easier; for example, to find, request and obtain financial or educational resources; or coordinate and centralize your medical care.

Pannus always close, supporting the family economy and showing its most supportive side, and especially with children.

Pannus always close to you !!